Parma Ham: a successful 2011

10.6% Parma Ham in trays and growth in exports (+4%)

Parma, 4 April 2012 – Parma Ham ends 2011 successfully and the results prove it: sliced ham grew by 10.6%, while exports recorded a 4%growth for a total turnover of 1.5 billion euros.

The number of branded Hams was just over 9 million of which6,753,819 absorbed by the Italian market, while the remainder(25.6%) consisted of foreign markets that now represent a considerable part of the sector’s business. The slight downturn on 2010 is physiological and due mainly to the excess supply of product on the market. The main objective of the year was in fact to increase the price of Parma Ham from producer to distributor to recover the profit margins of the sector’s companies; this happened thanks also to the development of an intensepromotional programme that has decidedly stimulated purchases and sustained consumption.


The results are evidence of the solidity of our brand, able to consolidate the traditional markets and to win new ones despite the loss of price competitiveness – says Paolo Tanara, President of the Consortium. Our strength lies in the possibility of counting on a consolidated demand and on a well-structured differentiation of markets and distribution channels, which are a secure base on which to build our development.

If we look at the trend of the markets – continues Tanara, alongside the excellent performance of the traditional markets, the area that has accomplished the most convincing growth over the last decade is the one consisting of all the minor markets on which the sector is implementing strategic differentiation actions and to which the Consortium is paying particular attention.

In detail, if 2010 was the year of the USA, in 2011 Australia proposed to be by far the most interesting new market of the last three years by exceeding 50,000 pieces (+80%)Asia too was good thanks to the strong recovery of Japan (+15.7%); positive notes also from Centraland South America (+33.8%). As regards the more traditional markets, the ones that represent a well consolidated market for Parma Ham, France, essentially stable, Germany, with an almost +5%, andGreat Britain (+1.5%), prove to be the main markets for Parma Ham exports with about 400,000 pieces each; followed by BeNeLux (+8%)with 200,000 hams sold. A very interesting performance in the North European countries like Denmark and Finland where Parma Ham appears to have won over even the most demanding consumers.

From the viewpoint of geographic distribution, the EU market maintains a predominant share (65%), but the non-European area is continually growing and attracts attention mainly for its dynamism.

The development of the international markets is undoubtedly determined by the success of the sliced product that is today worth 42% of the entire exports of Parma Ham and is doing extremely well, whereas the whole product remains essentially stable and is dominant in the non-European area. In 2011, almost 67 million packs were sold by the Consortium’s companies that recorded a total increase of 10.6% on the previous year. Parma Ham in trays so confirms the brilliant performance of the last few years and consolidates a particularly favourable growth trend both inItaly with about 402 thousand hams (+3.5%) and abroad with a9.3% (976 thousand) increase in the sale of hams bearing the Crown.

We are pleased to have been able to adequately stand up to the shrinking of the market.
Mr. Tanara.

The whole sector has suffered a little, but it was able to act effectively by continuing to invest in the quality of Parma Ham to guarantee consumers a safe, good and natural product. For the future, we will aim to widen our outlet markets by concentrating on non-European countries, and Indonesia is only the latest target, but we will naturally continue to consolidate the Italian market and the traditional European markets with activities focused on the consumer and initiatives in collaboration with supermarket chains.


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