50 years of the Crown

Today the Crown of Prosciutto di Parma celebrates its first 50 years. First item on the programme was the unveiling of a new celebratory logo in the presence of journalists, representatives of local bodies and teachers and pupils of the Toschi High School, in the Portici del Grano. The work of the children who were involved in the creative project has been on show there for several days and will remain there for the whole of the month of April.

All the attendees then moved to the headquarters of the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium for a presentation about the initiatives being planned for 2013, a year of celebrations to promote Prosciutto di Parma and the culture, the values of the tradition and the other treasures which make our district unique.

It’s an important occasion which gives recognition to our history, the history of our producers and of our product, stated Paolo Tanara, Chairman of the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium. “We have come a long way since 1963, enjoying thousands of successes and enduring some unforgettable difficulties. In those days there were 23 companies producing barely 53,000 branded hams. Today there are about 150 and we produce 9 million Parma Hams each year with a retail turnover verging on one and a half billion euros.

If today we are a major operation, we owe it all to the main players in this history, our forefathers, those producers who had the farsightedness and the intuition to see that only by working together would it be possible to protect and promote effectively the excellence of a product recognised all over the world as a jewel of Italian gastronomy.

Fifty years of association, fifty years of a unique economic model; one in which small family companies associated with a single product and its region, are united into a Consortium. Small companies which have grown over time, which are proud to make a product that is totally Italian using a substantially unchanged model, which I believe is the secret of our success.

So the leitmotiv of 2013 will be the 50 years of the Crown, the Prosciutto di Parma and the producers who created the history, added Stefano Fanti, director of the Consortium. It will be not so much a calendar of grand events as low-key celebrations both in Italy and abroad which will seek to mark this anniversary. An anniversary which essentially will be the pretext for promoting and enhancing still further the image of Prosciutto di Parma.

The initiatives will, for the most part, be concentrated in the April-September period, even though on the international markets we will continue until the end of the year where possible. They will also have a visually consistent look thanks to the use of the new celebratory logo created by the Toschi school presented in various ways for all our communications and for all our materials, from the internet site to the product packaging, from the posters to the aprons.

Plenty of time will also be dedicated to initiatives with restaurants, a category which is gaining in popularity and which, year by year, is growing in importance because it is proving to be an excellent vehicle for reaching the target audience of gourmets. At the same time it is making it possible to assess the real extent to which the product has spread throughout the world. But the traditional retail sales outlets, the wholesalers and the delicatessens are also involved. T

he most loyal clients in these categories whose loyalty and hard work have made them stand out will be united under a common banner, an elite of excellence, with the title “the Prosciutto di Parma specialists” and they will be able to bear this recognition along with a special badge. In addition, there will be competitions held both in Italy and abroad in which they will be able to be rewarded with a valuable limited edition prize:  traditional flywheel slicers bearing the Crown and personalised with the new 50 year anniversary logo, which will also be used for promotional activities, thus helping to reinforce the brand and enhance the anniversary itself.

The Prosciutto di Parma Festival instead, will offer the opportunity for the entire city of Parma and the producing area to be involved. Both will become the backdrop for numerous initiatives encompassing restaurants, bars and places offering themed menus, tastings and appetisers in which the focus is on Parma. A photographic exhibition held during the same period will offer a visual presentation of this 50 years of our history.


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